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Our Patron

St. Mark the Evangelist

“For whosoever shall do the will of God, he is my brother, and my sister, and my mother.” Mk 3:35

St. Mark the Evangelist is also known as John Mark. It is believed that he was born in North Africa and later moved with his family to Jerusalem, where he was educated. It is said that his mother was an early convert to Christianity and that she welcomed the disciples of Jesus into her home, where Mark met Peter, Paul and Barnabas.

Although Mark himself did not witness many of the events surrounding the life of Jesus, he documented many of the details as told him by Peter. Mark and Peter were so closely associated that Peter referred to him as “my son Mark” at the end of his first letter (1Pt. 5:13). Mark travelled with Peter to Rome, and later is believed to have travelled with Paul and Barnabas to Cypress. Tradition also has it that Mark travelled to Egypt.

Of the four Gospels, Mark’s is the shortest and many scholars believe it is the earliest. Mark’s Gospel tells the story of Jesus’ life in a straightforward way, beginning with the meeting with John the Baptist and ending with Ascension. Biblical scholars also believe that the Evangelists Matthew and Luke used Mark’s Gospel as a source in writing their own Gospels.

Some scholars believe that Mark was one of the servants at the Marriage at Cana, and witnessed Jesus’ first public miracle of turning water into wine. It is also believed that the inclusion only in Mark’s gospel of the story of a young man running away naked after Jesus was arrested (Mk. 14: 51-52) refers to Mark himself.

St. Mark died in the year 68 A.D. He is commonly depicted in Christian art with a pen and scroll in his hands and a lion at his feet. His feast day is April 25th. He is the patron saint of the Italian city of Venice, where his relics are said to be buried.

St. Mark Pray for Us

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Published by Midwest Theological Forum 2005